Desert princess

Today one of my friends have her birthday – and since I’m in Vienna and cannot attend her birthday party, I’ve decided to draw a poster of her. She’s a beauty from Teheran, and I occasionally call her “Desert princess”.
So the theme for the poster was exactly that. This is how it turned out:



Colorful birthday preparations

27th of september one of my best friends turned 30 – and we had to do something special for her.

Maria and I met up at my place, fixing balloons, cake and all the other materials we needed to create the effect we wanted.

Theme: Color, color and more color!

I’d also made a poster in beforehand (A1 format), hiding 30 of her faces (as in where’s Waldo)- to search for the only one that had a birthday crown.

We’d been conspiring together with her boyfriend to let us into the building – and as silently as possible we hung up the decorations for her to wake up to!


It turned out nice! And the birthdaygirl sent me this on snapchat next morning!
Mission completed!! Hurraaaaay!!


Grandpa – 85 years old

My grandfather is turning 85 in the beginning of October.
He’s a really special person to me – a strong, wise and funny great old man.

My grandmother asked me if I wanted to help her out making the invite to the party.
Of course I said yes!

This is how it turned out, inspired by the midnight sun and an old story my grandfather tells about the eagle:


Sustainability JAM´15

From 30.10 – 01.11 the Oslo Sustainability JAM was happning!
An intense 48 hour workshop that are aiming to develop services that can drive the world to a more sustainable direction.

This year’s winners of the JAM were Poop Power (Pic: Bottom right hand corner)!
heir concept was to provide organic diapers to pre-schools who can burn the poop and create energy for the pre-schools themselves.

They incorporated an educational service and compost out-house for those kids no longer in diapers! Our participants thought they had the best concept too- they won the people’s choice award! Well done!